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Professional Profile
Verification to Solve
Market Research Fraud 

Whether it's content creators, c-level executives or on-the-ground factory workers vepp makes sure your market research is authentic by verifying respondent profiles in real-time. 

Employment Verification

Social Network


Multiple vendor integration

Vepp Verified Data

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Trusted to take on the unique identity and KYC (Know Your Customer) needs of highly-regulated industries. At Vepp, we know first-hand that high quality sample can make or break a study. 

Our solution is designed with multiple layers of verification to provide the highest level of security and integrity to ensure that only authentic professionals are able to participate in market research surveys.

Authenticating B2B Sample in 

An insider understanding of professional background verification 

Social Network Verification

Social Network Verification

One-click social profile verification. Verify social data such as follower count and account ownership with 100% accuracy by authenticating login.

Seniority Verification

Seniority Verification

Vepp works with social HR platforms to verify job titles and seniority against salary data.

Engagement Analysis

Engagement Analysis

Analyze social network to build relationship maps for identity verification. Vepp identifies online social patterns to flag profiles that may be fake based on their professional public relationships. 

Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis

Real-time benchmarking against public and proprietary data of indicated spend, budgets and P&L responsibility.

PPEV Transactional Patterns

PPEV™ Transactional Patterns

Vepp's PPEV™ technology deploys pattern recognition software at the point of payment to verify the respondent's present and previous employment. Verify identity and combat fraud with the highest level of accuracy.

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism Detection

Verify open-text responses by scanning against the open web and public literature to identify stolen content.

How it Works

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Step 1

Schedule Demo 

Contact Sales to schedule a 30-min demo to review the verification process and select a tier that works for you. Vepp offers one-click integration with over 75 sample providers.

Configure URL

Step 2

After subscribing to Vepp you will receive your customizable Vepprification™ URL. This link can be integrated into any workflow with a simple redirect.

Go Live

Step 3

B2B Sample will now need complete Vepp verification before progressing to incentive collection.









Cross-platform Vetting

Unlimited Verifications

Cross-platform Vetting

Unlimited Verifications

Social Network Authentication

Single-vendor Integration

PPEV™ Transactional Pattern Recognition

Cross-platform Vetting

Unlimited Verifications

Social Network Authentication

Integration with up to 10 vendors

API Access

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